Making the first step to getting your very own robotic lawn mower is easy as we do all the hard work for you.


Our first step will be a friendly and informal conversation over the phone where we can discuss the layout and work out a virtual map of your garden. We will ask you for a detailed description of your lawn so we are aware of any complex shapes and obstacles , if you have any slopes and if they level out, steps, islands, a secondary grass area separate to the main area you also require cutting. With this we can gather the information we need to select the right mower for you.


Don't worry will only require the basic layout as we will then plan a on site meeting to survey your garden in detail. 


We will bring along our demo robotic mowers named Jeffery and Bert. Yes we believe all robotic mowers deserve a name and make them part of the family. Jeffery and Bert will allow you to see how exciting it could be to have your very own robotic mower. They also allow you to look at their external parts and any accessories they can have. 

We will then go around your garden to distinguish size, gradients, ground type, flower beds, islands, trees, walls, hedges, and any structures. With your permission we will take photos along with measurements. With all this we can give you a precise meters of guide cable needed and most importantly the best robotic mower for you.

We will answer any questions or concerns you may have at any anytime.

We will then go away and put together a personalized quotation for you, you will normally receive this within 2 days from the initial on site survey either by email or by post whichever is most convenient for you.

Choose our heavy duty guide wire